We are a little family living in Altadena, CA. and we love to camp.

We are really hoping that our son, Jackson Waylon (JW), will love these experiences, too. How could he not? He loves exploring and playing in the dirt... and eating dirt, but we are working on that.

We also drag our little dog Lucky with us... We aren't really convinced that she likes camping. As soon as the sun sets she is in the tent huddled in her bed, refusing to even come out. We think she is afraid of campfires... and the dark... and other animals... and camping in general.  She likes to hike, but she's not to great at it. If it's even the slightest bit warm outside she will often "give up" on the hike and lay down and refuse to go any further. Justin has had to carry her on more than one occasion. But if we try to leave her at home she would surely die of heartbreak!

There is so much beauty here in Southern California and we want to share it with you!