Monday, July 11, 2011

Food @ Blue Ridge

I (Amanda) am going to try to post what we eat on our trips every-once-in-a-while. I love to cook but I often struggle with WHAT to bring while camping. I like hot dogs every-once-in-a-while but don't feel like making it a camping ritual.

I can get creative at home in the kitchen, why can't I think of what to cook while camping?! Well, I'm slowly figuring it out. Also, buying special meals for every trip can add up, and really we need to save where we can so for this trip we just brought what we had at home already.

The funny thing about this particular trip was that we forgot our camp stove... So we had to cook everything over the fire which we were not prepared to do, but it worked out! Everything came out great. Here is what we ate while camping at Blue Ridge:

Breakfast: Hashbrowns (grated the potatoes there) and eggs

The hashbrowns and eggs would have been great on their own but we had the stuff to make them into sandwiches, so we did.
Lunch: Tortas -  bread, black beans, tomatoes, avocado and tapatio.
This is our attempt at figuring out how to boil water for pasta over a campfire without a lid for the pot. It worked beautifully - while the water was boiling we cooked in the cast iron on top!

Completely random camping meal. Dinner: Butternut squash ravioli with sauteed grated squash and Parmesan

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  1. you guys are awesome!
    i am so excited to call you my friends!
    look forward to see how popular 'papas poncho' gets!
    love love love