Thursday, August 18, 2011

Guffy visit and Blue Ridge Redux :: Angeles National Forest

We went camping with a bunch of friends for Cam's birthday last weekend AND a meteor shower! (Although the full moon didn't make for good meteor watching, but it did make for a good excuse to go camping with friends.)

We were thinking about taking everyone to Guffy Campground (3 miles past Blue Ridge on the same dirt road) but we thought Blue Ridge suit our purposes, plus no one else had been there.

We visited Guffy to check it out and take some photos. Guffy is still on our list of campgrounds to stay at... so hopefully we can share more on it later. For now, here some photos:
Guffy sits at 8,300 feet in the Angeles National Forest, near Mt High Ski resort

The trees in the campground are a little sparser than in Blue Ridge

There were more people there than we expected for a Friday morning. We thought for sure it would be empty!

View looking toward the campground.

view from Guffy campground

The views on the dirt road to Guffy are amazing!

Our Blue Ridge Redux:
Camping with a friend with as much energy as our friend Casey means lots of fun games (and drinking starts around 1pm!).  We jumped off a stump (which caused me to rip my pants!), kicked off a tree, climbed a tree (a little too high if you ask me), played hat toss, and played around on some ski lifts, .. Good times were had, we look forward to these trips with friends!

A huge site at Blue Ridge that accommodated our 6 tents

JW and Abel on the ski lifts

Poor JW was just getting over an ear infection when we took him camping again - on top of that he was teething. He puts up with our shenanigans, love him.

Night sky watching

It almost looks fake!


  1. Two weekends ago my boyfriend and I went up to Blue Ridge for an overnight, for the first time, thanks to you! We loved it!! There were hardly any campers, and mid afternoon a group of people riding horses came through camp and around 10:30 pm a deer approached us and our fire (spotted reflective eyes before the deer's form, had a moment of - what the hell is that?!). Thank you so much for sharing your experience, we felt inspired by it.

    PS-The pajama bottoms on the ground from "JW and Abel on the ski lifts" were still there folded neatly and resting on the lift seat!

  2. YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HAPPY IT MAKES ME THAT YOU camped at Blue Ridge!! YAY!! That is our whole goal.. to introduce people to amazing places like Blue Ridge! :):)