Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cooper Canyon Trail Camp:: Angles National Forest

Let the adventures in backpacking begin!

Amanda and I took our first backpacking trip together and we. had. a. blast. Our hope is to have the whole family on the trail soon, but for this trip we left JW with grandma, AND we took 7 of our closest friends!

 Cooper Canyon Trail Camp (Angeles National Forest) is about 2.5 miles from Cloud Burst Summit via either a fire road or the Pacific Crest Trail. We made the trip a semi-loop starting at Buckhorn Campground descending the Burkheart trail to the PCT, and following it up to the trail camp, then walked the old fire road up to Cloud Burst Summit. The whole trip was just under 6 miles. It was a great trip for 9 people who don't backpack often. There was hiking to enjoy and lots of time to lounge around camp eating and drinking. I think there was 5 bottles of wine (or bags in our case) a bottle of whiskey, a six pack of beer and a cornucopia of good food between the nine of us. We ate and drank all we brought! It was a good night indeed. We figured since it was just a one-nighter, why NOT.  We may return to this convenient trail camp soon, via another route. There are a few different ways of getting there and some cross-country routes that look like a lot of fun.

Here's to many more backpacking trips ahead! Salud!
(All photos below were shot on the handy dandy iPhone).

backpacking 12 Backpacking 49 Backpacking 48 Backpacking 1 Backpacking 47 Backpacking 3 Backpacking 5 backpacking 7 backpacking 9 backpacking 10 backpacking 11 backpacking 13 backpacking 15 backpacking 16 backpacking 17 backpacking 19 backpacking 20 Backpacking 21 Backpacking 23 Backpacking 24 Backpacking 25 Backpacking 26 Backpacking 27 Backpacking 28 Backpacking 32 Backpacking 33 Backpacking 34 Backpacking 53 Backpacking 35 Backpacking 39 Backpacking 54 Backpacking 40 Backpacking 41 Backpacking 43 Backpacking 44 Backpacking 45 Backpacking 50 Backpacking 51 Backpacking 52 Backpacking 55 Backpacking 46 Any trip up Hwy 2 warrants a visit to the Newcombs Ranch Bar/Restaurant.


  1. Your Blog has been so helpful in choosing campsites for the summer. Thank You!

  2. What is the name of the book in the photo above that shows Cooper Canyon Falls and the Cooper Canyon Trail Camp? Thanks.

  3. Please answer the question above, I have the same doubt and it would be super helpfull.

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