Thursday, February 23, 2012

Devils Punch Bowl County Park:: Angles National Forest

We have been meaning to go here for years (SIX YEARS!), and we finally did!

A beautiful area of high-desert-goodness on the northern-side of the Angles Nation Forest. There are a couple of short hiking options (1/2 mile and 1 mile trails), and other long trails that can connect you to the high-country of the Angles. We took JW on his first mile long hike and he did pretty good considering he is a year and a half. A good rule we learned is for every year of age that's how many miles is a decent distance for them. There is no way he could have walked the whole thing himself, and he wouldn't let us hold him the whole time - because seriously, there was too much to explore! So, the loop took us a while to get through. We had a great time and it doesn't get much better then watching JW blaze his own trail trying to clamor up the hillside with a hugh smile on his face.

The mile long trail drops down 300 feet into Devil's Punchbowl creek. Its pretty easy going for the most part, a little steep and rocky here and there. The rock formations are what give the park the appeal that is has.

The desert, especially the high desert has a special little place in our hearts.

Be sure to check out their nature center!

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  1. Great photos. Do you have any idea why it's called the Devil's Punchbowl?